What the Hail? | Hail Damage Repair in Denver, Colorado

Living in Denver, and many places in Colorado truly, also means living with hail (and unfortunately, hail damage). Our Front Range Spring season usually involves a mix of sun, shade, rain, snow, and hail. And, this could all be within the same week! Yes, Denver gets more sunshine than most cities in the country, but we wouldn’t be the gnarly, outdoorsy types if it wasn’t for some extreme weather to keep us strong. (At least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves!)


Repairing Roof Damage Caused by Hail

When a hail storm blows in, it isn’t shy either. Denver, Fort Collins, and even Colorado Springs homeowners have seen golf ball size (and larger) hail storms come through, wreaking havoc on roofs. While some damage might be sustainable, it’s important to repair your roof from hail damage right away. You can often find some coverage in your homeowners insurance policy to help pay for some of the roof damage caused by hail. First, you’ll want a trusted company to be inspecting your roof for hail damage. A company that can fly a drone is a plus. This way, the footage can be reviewed in depth, and by more team members to be sure that you are getting the most efficient roof repair from the hail damage.


Is Hail Damage to My Home Covered by Insurance?

This question is asked frequently!!! It’s a mix of yes and no and “it depends,” yet in most cases, insurance policy owners only get up to twelve months to file a claim. It’s much better to look into it right after the hail storm blows through, than years later when the damage has really done a number. Sometimes, roof repair can take care of hail damage without having to replace the roof, but if neglected, you may be looking at a complete replacement. Find a roofing company that can fix not only the actual damage, but also the functional damage. Functional hail damage is wear and tear hail damage that diminishes the roof’s ability to shed water, which in turn reduces the lifetime of the roof. Get an estimate and contact your insurance agent as soon as you realize the hail damage. Getting your roof inspected yearly by a reputable roofing company is always a smart move too.


Should I Replace My Hail Damaged Roof?

Yes. Your roof is literally what is keeping your home from the elements above. Making sure your roof is repaired and up to par with the overall upkeep of your home, maintains its value. And, if you’re planning on selling your home any time soon, a new roof will go far when it comes to higher offers and negotiability. If you are worried about the damage to your roof, you have homeowners insurance, and you want to keep your house in top shape, it’s a smart move to get your roof inspected. If you do need a repair or a replacement, it’s better to do it now so that you are protected from future storms, and the potential damage from a hail damage related leak (which could cause water damage – often not covered by insurance). Every policy is different and you have to take into consideration your deductible too, but having a quality roofing company take a look after a big hail storm is always a great idea.

About Property Pros, Inc.

Located in Denver, Colorado, serving Lakewood, Golden, Evergreen, Conifer, the Front Range, up to Fort Collins and down to Colorado Springs, Property Pros, Inc. is a home and commercial contracting company that gets the job done – and well. We’re passionate about helping homeowners find long-lasting solutions for roofing, insulation, windows, painting, solar tubes and skylights and more. After a hail storm, roof damage can be devastating. Contact us for an estimate and to see if we can help work with your homeowners insurance agency to get a new or repaired roof following hail damage. Your home can have longevity and endurance when it has quality roofing. Click here to get an estimate today.

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