Castle Rock Local Roofers

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Top Rated Roofers In Castle Rock

Property Pros Inc proudly services the Castle Rock suburb and is a known and trusted roofing company throughout the area. We love to offer our customers free roofing inspections, free estimates for roofing, and more! For a free roof inspection and estimate click here!

Property Services In Castle Rock

We are proud of being one of the best reviewed roofers in the Denver metro and surrounding areas. That includes Lakewood, and more! As a family owned business, we pride ourselves in serving our customers and love their feedback on our work. Some of our customer reviews can be found on our site. We come highly recommended by locals and are regarded as a top-rated roofer in the area. Client feedback allows us to do our job better each time and we always appreciate honest reviews. But one of our latest reviews from a satisfied roofing customers stated;

“Started on time every day and finished 3 days ahead of schedule! By far the best rate I could find! You really can’t beat the quality of work from anybody around. I would and always will recommend Property Pros for anything you need done around the house. Very professional!”

Having the title of Denver’s most trusted roofing company makes makes us feel pride. So this means we are doing a job well done always!

Roofing And Renovation Services

As a full-service roofing company, we offer a number of roofing and renovation services to get the job done. Some of our services include
– Residential roofing
– Commercial roof coating
– Painting
– Gutters
– Siding
– Insulation
– Windows
– Rainwater collection
– Solar tubes and skylights

Roofing Experts In The Denver Metro

One of the reasons we are a top-rated roofer in the area is because of our highly skilled/knowledgeable staff. Our staff members are all trained with different insulation processes and equipped with industry knowledge. So, that way when a client has questions during the process all information is appropriately covered and the work can be completed. We trust our staff. That is why you can trust them with your roofing replacement, insulation install, or any renovation service you may require.

Work With A Trusted Company

As a top rated roofing company we have processes and techniques in place for a reason, because they work! To ensure highly quality services on every roofing and renovation project we want to share with you our roofing and renovation news. Here we share “tips from a pro”. So, our blogs focus on everything from home improvement solutions to commercial roof coating and more!

We Handle Insurance

In most cases we will handle your insurance claims on your behalf to make the process easier. We want to make your roof repair and renovation process as smooth as possible, so you can have your repair and financial insurance portions. Then you will have  one easy-to-pay bill.

Owens Corning Preferred Contractors

Our extended warranties are part of the reason we are so well trusted as roofers. As Owens Corning Preferred Contractors we can sell extended warranties that cover the workmanship and the materials. This service is something only Property Pros Inc. can only offer as a preferred contractor. Anyone can buy their product, but Owens Corning will only represent the best. They are their preferred contractors.

Locally Trusted and Invested

Owens Corning is the only single manufacturer that has a plant in the Mountain Time Zone. When we purchase and provide their products; we are stimulating the Colorado economy as a local business. Everything is local to keep things local, so the products we have utilized are already acclimated to the Colorado climate.

For any of your roofing needs please feel free to give us a call. Dedication is provided here at  Property Pros along with the best quality roofing repair and replacement services!