Property Pros Inc. can make your dream home a reality.


Residential Roofing: We offer complete repair, installation, and replacement of your roof. Property Pros Inc. offers video analysis which allows us to show you so that you can see for yourselves the damage that is needed to be repaired. You get to see it for yourself precisely what needs to be repaired.


Inspect what you Expect

We operate under the strict belief that you should always “Inspect what you expect because everyone is suspect.” We call it a digital analysis inspection video. We can show it to you on our tablet. All of our inspectors have this same cutting edge technology and are equipped as needed with the highest end, safest ladders for our residential roofing projects.


You Are Completely Safe and Secure

We follow a strict OSHA safety program. You are completely safe and secure!!! You will not have liability – residential side the cutting edge technology videos, etc., we use only top of the line ladders to keep you safe. We strictly follow the OSHA guidelines for general construction and safety. We offer a complete roof in a bag. We will build a mini version of a room demonstration in every part of your home roofing project so that we can show you both the product and material to know exactly what you are getting.


A Thorough Structural System for Your Residential Roofing

We don’t just rip off your roof and replace the shingles. We follow a thorough system that includes attic inspection, insulation, and ventilation of your attic. Not only the top side of your house. It is a complete system that covers every structural component of your home including stone coated steel, asphalt, metal roofing, even all the different varieties of tile, from slate to concrete and Spanish style. We also do composite roofing, and we can do copper roofing as well.


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