Is it Illegal to Collect Rainwater in Colorado? Nope! Not Anymore.


In Colorado, we were actually the last state to finally make rainwater collection legal. There are some rules that citizens must follow regarding their rain barrels, but as far as being able to water your garden and lawn with your own rainwater collection system, Colorado lawmakers gave residents the green light in 2016. Now, homeowners can mitigate our dry climate with a rainwater system that stores water to use for arid days, and studies have proven that collecting rainwater does not in fact deplete the water table, as rainwater collection opponents have used as an objection in the past.


How Can I Set Up a Rainwater Collection System At My Home?


It’s really simple! Just contact Property Pros, Inc. and get started on a rainwater collection system estimate. We’ll determine the best placement for your rainwater barrels and make sure that you are compliant with all rainwater collection rules and legislation. We’ll even show you how to use them. And we can maintain them should you ever need a replacement or repair. Using rainwater to water your lawn and garden is the green solution for environmentally conscious homeowners in Colorado.


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Rainwater Harvesting Solutions by Property Pros, Inc.


At Property Pros, Inc., we are dedicated to providing energy-efficient and long lasting home solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves on excellent and honest workmanship and seek to constantly exceed your expectations. As one of the few rainwater collection specialists in Colorado, you can be sure that your rainwater harvesting system is safe, compliant, and works for your watering needs.


Contact Property Pros, Inc. today for your rainwater collection installation estimate.


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