As Owens Corning Preferred Contractors we can sell extended warranties.


This includes warranties that cover the workmanship and the materials. This service is something only Property Pros Inc. can only offer as a preferred contractor. Anyone can buy their product, but Owens Corning will only represent the best, which are their preferred contractors.


Proof of Our Quality

As proof of our quality; this isn’t something that we can just buy our way into; we have to prove it. Owens Corning follows up each job we do for them to ensure that we are the best of the best. They quality check our work, they check on our business.


Locally Investing in Our Economy

Owens Corning is the only single manufacturer that has a plant in the Mountain Time Zone. When we purchase and provide their products; we are stimulating the Colorado economy as a local business. Everything is local to keep things local. The products we have utilized are already acclimated to the Colorado climate.