It’s Time to Winterize Your Home!

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Tips on how to winterize your home: from keeping your house toasty this winter, to weathering severe storms, and staying on budget by reducing your energy bill! 

To start, prepare your patio.  Cover or bring in furniture. Important!! Drain the water out of your hoses so that it doesn’t freeze. Also, don’t forget to turn off your outdoor spigots. (Crucial for winter!!)


Look for gaps in your doorways, windows, and even in your exterior walls. Chilly air and rodents love to sneak in. Gaps in windows and doors can be caulked, and cracks in walls or foundation can be filled with insulation spray foam. This investment can save you a lot of money during those cold months ahead. And, it can be one of the best ways to winterize your home on a budget. 



Another tip? Set your thermostat. Auto set to turn down heat while you’re away from your home and at night.  Don’t go lower than 65, or your furnace will have to work twice as hard to warm up the house, therefore using more energy! Keeping the temperature in your home somewhere in the range of 69-72 degrees decreases the rate of heat loss through doors, windows and leaky spots throughout your home (which hopefully you’re repaired based on our tip above!).


Pick up a good doormat.  Water and salt can damage floors, so a good doormat will brush off some excess and keep your socks dry (don’t you just hate stepping in melted snow?).


Change your furnace filter.  If you don’t replace your filter often enough, it gets dirty and doesn’t work as effectively, which makes your furnace work harder, thus costing you more money in the long run!


Invest in energy efficient doors and windows. We can help you install windows that are energy efficient, long lasting, and fit most any budget. 


Prepare your roof. Cover your roof vent.  Clean out your gutters. Repair damaged, loose, or missing shingles. Trim back and dangling tree branches over your home. There are a number of factors that should be considered when winterizing one’s roof. Check out Property Pros Inc.’s capabilities and book or call for a quote. 


Don’t forget about your chimney! If your chimney is heavily used during winter, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional chimney sweep to clean up excess soot.  Budget option- burn a Creosote log.


Are you a plant person? Time to bring them inside!  Plants don’t thrive under 50 degrees, so you’ll want to make space for them indoors!


Time to get cozy. Thick throw blankets are are a great way to keep the heat at an energy saving temperature. You can also put down rugs into chilly hardwood floors to keep your toes warm and to maintain the temperature of the room. Speaking of toes… a good pair of slippers goes a long way.


Are you ready to winterize your home? A little preparation and planning go a long way.  You’ve invested a lot in your home and you want to keep it comfortable, warm and safe. As the best Denver roofing company, we provide service throughout the Colorado Front Range Including: Denver, Lakewood, Golden, Aurora, Thornton, Westminster, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs. Let Property Pros Inc. help you make winterize your home by booking or calling for a comprehensive estimate today