Your Home Renovation Spring Checklist is Here!

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Here is the 2020 Property Pros Spring Checklist!

Snow is melting and the mornings are looking brighter… Of course spring is right around the corner! How exciting? But the real question is: Is your home ready for spring 2020? That’s where we kick in to make sure you have the following things done to make sure you and your family have a great spring. From our family to yours, we recommend highly that you complete the following spring checklist:

Roof Inspection

The first thing we recommend for everyone is to inspect your home’s roof for any kind of damage. The roof is one of the most important things. It does prevent water from getting into your home. So if you notice any damage, contact your preferred roofers to get the job done as soon as possible before another big storm comes your way.

Gutters Need To Be Cleaned Out

This step is crucial throughout the whole year. These make all the water travel away from the roof protecting it and protecting your home. Gutters get clogged easily just from leaves and any other things blown around by the wind. Clogged gutters end up resulting in roof damage and water puddles. The results of it aren’t noticed right away, so keep in mind to not let these things result in a high cost repair.

HVAC Filters & Dryer Vents

If needed, replace these parts. But other than that a quick inspection will save you time and money. Filters and dryer vents get dirty and clogged. Your air conditioning and dryer will work more efficiently if these things are clear from lint and dust.

Windows & Doors

This tip can save you from exaggerated electric bills. In most parts of the country, leaving the windows open at night will cool the place and efficient windows will help you save on your energy bill. Patch any holes that you notice and scrub flat surfaces gently with soapy water. Another tip is to fix the sealing on your windows and doors that might have been damaged from winter. This will reduce your bills and protect the house from water.

Check the Outside

Inspecting your decks driveways, fences and other spots for the spring is a must. Also, you can rent, buy or borrow a pressure washer to get your house surroundings looking tidy for this season. Fix any cracks in the asphalt or concrete to prevent further damage.

Paint Job

If your home’s walls are cracking or peeling too much, a nice paint job will have the house glowing. If it’s only small cracks or peeling, a touch up will be easier and inexpensive.

Smoke Detectors

If needed, replace the batteries to the house’s smoke detectors. These are super important and have saved lives. You never know when a fire can result in your home. Not to scare you, but we are all about safety first at Property Pros, Inc.

Clear Vegetation

Any plants blocking your AC need to be removed or trimmed so that there is breathing space in order for the AC compressor to work efficiently.

Water Heater

For a healthy home, draining the water heater various times throughout the year has to be done. This also reduces bills and your water heater will last longer.

We hope this spring checklist is useful and informative to all you homeowners. This spring home maintenance will help a lot for the new season.

Property Pros wishes you a warm and beautiful spring. If you have any questions or need help with your home, contact us as soon as possible.