Announcing – Property Pro, Inc, is Now Offering Solar Installation

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Property Pros, Inc. is Now Trained to Offer Solar Panel Installation

January 7, 2020, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Property Pros, Inc. is Now Trained to Offer Solar Panel Installation


DENVER, Colo. – Local contractors, Jake Merelli and Jared Searcy own Property Pros, Inc., a Lakewood/Denver based company that offers roofing solutions, rainwater collection system installation, solar tube and skylight installs, gutter system set-ups, window installations, exterior/interior painting and more. 


Property Pros, Inc. has recently gained the crew, training, and licensing to offer solar panel installation as part of their collection of restoration and energy solutions catalog. 


“We are solar official,” says Jake Merelli, co-owner of Property Pros, Inc. “Being more environmentally conscious business owners, we decided it was appropriate to pursue this training.”


Property Pros, Inc. uses a micro inverter system that communicates to the customer through an app on your phone. It shows users the amount of energy being generated and consumed, among other relevant stats. Property Pros, Inc. also offers financing to customers, many of whom can see a zero percent increase on their monthly utility bill and even reduced costs monthly. Over time, the investment pays itself back in actual energy costs as well as a drastically increased home value. For more information, visit their website here


Address: Property Pros, Inc. 7625 W 5th Ave Suite 103-D, Denver, CO 80226


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