Property Pros, Inc. Now Offers Solar Panel Installation

As a conscious company, Property Pros Inc., is always looking for green and eco-friendly home improvement solutions.


From rainwater collection integration to effective insulation and high-efficiency windows, we are always striving for a lower energy impact (and bill!). And we’re delighted to announce that we now have the training and crew ready to launch solar panel installation!


“We’re always looking for environmentally conscious solutions for our customers.” – Jake Merelli, Property Pros, Inc. Co-Owner


Property Pros, Inc. has gone through extensive training to be able to offer solar power set-up for their customers in the Front Range Colorado and Denver Metro areas. As a restoration and energy solutions company, we are consistently highly regarded for our innovative solutions to home improvement projects. 


Our solar products are made in the US with the latest in tech.


We use a micro inverter system which controls two to three panels each. With a micro inverter system for your solar, repairs and maintenance are much simpler. It cuts down repair times because when one panel is down, it only affects a couple panels around it, instead of your entire set-up. Additionally, all panels are connected wirelessly and communicate to an app you can download to your phone. The app lets you see how much power you are getting, your highest powered times, and more.


What’s all this about “no cost to me” for solar?


You’ve seen it online, heard it on the radio, watched ads on tv… what’s this whole thing about “no cost” solar panel installation and power? Well, there is a certain threshold that you must meet for this to be true. Yet, if you are paying around $150 at least a month for energy costs, solar could definitely be about the same cost monthly. With higher energy bills, solar can even save you money on your monthly bill. Plus, the value added to your home can skyrocket tens of thousands of dollars. We even offer financing. Click to schedule a solar panel estimate for your home. 


Our goal with financing is that the cost incurred ends up paying you back.


That means that installation and monthly costs end up benefiting you financially, both in accrued energy costs and home value. Solar panel installation is a win for the environment, your pocket book, and your long term goal in acquiring equity and value in your home. 


Ummmm….. It sounds amazing, how do I start? 


Simple. Just click here to get a free estimate scheduled with one of our solar experts. Talk to you soon! ~ Property Pros, Inc.


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