Meet Property Pros, Inc. Co-Owner, Jake Merelli

When a roofing company has integrity, quality and expert craftsmanship, you know it’s well-run by an experienced owner.


Yet, so many stay “behind the scenes” and we don’t get to know exactly how the companies we work with are run. Today, join us for an interview with Jake Merelli, Co-Owner of Denver-based roofing company, Property Pros, Inc.


Jake Merelli, CEO, Co-Owner & Operator


Q: What got you into roofing, Jake? 


A: “I had been working in the flooring and kitchen remodel industry for many years prior to roofing. I had a friend who was doing roofing, and I thought that it would be excellent to expand my knowledge base. The awesome part about roofing is that you get to work outside, and you get to help people who have just suffered a catastrophic event (like hail damage or from a storm). I love to help people. Plus, you get to be a part of increasing the curb appeal of a home, not just making the inside prettier. As a roofer, I feel like we are actually changing people’s lives for the better and helping them get financially ahead.”


Q: What do you love most about what you do?


A: “As I mentioned, I love to help people get more value for their homes and come back from setbacks that damage their roofs. Providing security to the families we help through their roofing solutions gives me affirmation that I’m in the right industry. Yet, what else drives me is our team. I love to help my fellow roofing contractors and employees succeed in the business too. For many of us roofing contractors, we realize we can’t do this on our own. To build a roof is to be part of a team. Helping develop ours and giving our staff financial freedom is a huge part of my ‘why’.”


Q: Can you tell us a story about biggest problem you helped solve in your business?


A; “Ahhh, yes. Interesting story. We once worked with a wonderful customer, let’s call her ‘Cindy.’ Now, Cindy had inherited a property from her father. Well, it was two properties, actually. Her dad had taken a house and a mobile home and fused them together. Let’s just say, it needed work. There were three different types of roofing materials on this conjoined house. Furthermore, a family of racoons had turned the attic into a clubhouse. 


Cindy and her mom (and their 8 chihuahuas) were all living in the house together and were getting tormented by the leaking roof and raccoons. We first got the wild animals out, then redesigned how the roof worked, and on top of everything, we got their insurance company to pay for 100% of cost after their deductible.”


Q: Can you tell us a story about a huge roofing success in your business?


A: “This one was awesome. We roofed a building, in Denver, the Lumber Baron Inn, which was a registered historical building. It’s a beautiful, five story building. We had to jump through a ton of hoops with city (for historical requirements). Everything had to go through a lengthy application process with City and County of Denver. The property owner was nervous, yet trusted us with the work. In just two months, we got everything approved and managed to get the project completed without any interference with day to day business.”


Property Pros Inc premier roofing company in Denver helped roof the Lumber Baron Inn
The Lumber Baron Inn roofing project was carefully executed with attention to detail as far as it’s historical status and need for perfection in our roofing solutions for them. We’re proud of this roofing project. – Property Pros, Inc.


Q: What kind of education, training and certification do you have, Jake?


A: “As a teenager, I started working for one of the largest general contractors in CO, building million dollar custom homes, where I first established my attention to detail. Now, as a co-owner of Property Pros, Inc., myself and Jared Searcy have over 15 years combined experience in the roofing industry and over 22 in general contracting and construction. I also have an international building code roofers license and Property Pros, Inc. is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. Additionally, we have a Tile Roofing Institute Certification.”


Q: Tell us about you personally! What’s something we don’t know about you?


A: “Sure! I have two dogs, Basin and Alea. They are both 2 – 3 year old rescue pups from abusive homes. Since that trauma, they are completely revived, absolute sweethearts, and love to go on road trips with myself and soon-to-be wife (we’re recently engaged!). In the last couple years, we’ve been to nine different countries. Something you don’t know about me is my age. And you still will never know! But here’s another. My first name is actually Michael, I go by Jake because there were too many family members who started with letter “M”, so, my mother had me go by middle name.”


Q: And finally, can you tell us what makes Property Pros, Inc. unique?


A: “We are a technology-driven, mostly younger to middle aged group of guys that are approaching contracting world from a business, technology and logistics standpoint. This helps us serve our customers to the highest degree with accuracy and top of the line analytics and processes. We’re proud of our thorough attention to detail and commitment to satisfaction from our clients.”property pros inc, commercial roofing, commercial roofers, residential roofing, residential roofers, roofers, roofing, Lakewood


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