Lifespan Of Your Roof

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For those who are homeowners, sellers or buyers; make sure the roof is always in good condition. We know you hear this a lot, but are you actually doing so? 


We want to inform everyone today about the lifespan of a roof. Obviously there are different types too:


Slate, Copper & Shingle


According to the U.S. News, these types of roofs last 50 years. YES, 50 years! That is obviously if you make sure it gets maintenance and isn’t purposely damaged. Weather and certain areas can also affect the lifespan. But the average years are 50.

Wood Shake


This can be more expensive than shingles, but it does do its job for 30 years max. Not only that but it’s appearance is very satisfying. 


Fiber Cement Shingles


These last 25 years and do not require too much maintenance once installed and painted. 


Asphalt Shingle/Composition Roofs


Technically these last 20 years. For being the least durable, it is actually waterproof, easy-install and simple.


Let’s talk about the conditions that affect the lifespan of your roof:


Color – Darker roofs attract more sunlight which can degrade the lifespan.


Angle – According to RGB, the higher your slope is, the more it’ll last.


Orientation – If the slope faces more to the south; more sun=less lifespan.


Multiple-layer – A roof that gets installed on top of another will make it have a shorter life. Don’t do it!

Quality – Depending on the quality, you will learn to know when you need a replacement. But keep in mind the lees you spend, the less year it will last.


Installation – Poor installation leads to poorer lifespan. Keep that in mind guys!


Attic Ventilation – Reduction of lifespan will happen if there is not enough or any ventilation in the attic.


Trees Nearby – Leaf debris and rubbing branches affect your roof BIG TIME.


Harsh Climate – As we mentioned earlier, weather can get crazy. Winds, rain storms, snow, tornadoes and all those intense activities can damage your roof and give it less lifetime. Even too much heat can affect it.


If you don’t know how, don’t you worry. Property Pros has got your back. Contact your local roofers to inspect it at least twice a year. If you notice any curling, holes, leaking, or any problems at all, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will give you quality and efficiency.