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Have you experienced roofing damage and wondering if your homeowners insurance will cover the claim?


Insurance can be tricky to navigate, but with the help of a pro (hint, hint! Property Pros, Inc.), you can easily file and get your insurance claim approved for a new roof or to cover existing roof damage. Here’s how the roof insurance claim process works and how we help you file your claim successfully. 


How to File an Insurance Claim for a New Roof or Roofing Repair


Trick question. We do not advise you file your own insurance claim. Let a professional help you. If you have had to deal with insurance in any context, you know that saying the right things and choosing the right coding is crucial to whether your claim is approved or denied. At Property Pros, Inc., we know exactly how to file homeowners insurance roofing claims so that they are successfully processed. Filing is the very first step. What’s next? Read on!



Attending the Adjuster Meeting for your Roofing Claim


This part is so important. After the initial homeowners insurance claim is filed, the insurance company will set up an adjuster meeting. This is where they visit your home and physically inspect your roof damage or condition of your roof to see to what extent they will cover the costs. We will attend this meeting to be sure that the right wording is used and that the maximum amount of collateral is expressed for the amount of damage to your roof. You want to be sure this section of the claims process is executed properly so that your insurance covers the materials and labor needed for your roof repair or replacement.


Negotiations with the Insurance Adjuster


Did your homeowners insurance agent undervalue the amount of the project? Not to worry. With successful negotiations advocated on your behalf, you don’t have to settle on the amount that they give you off the bat. There IS wiggle room, yes. This way, you can make sure that you have the right amount financially needed to cover your project.


Negotiating can be anxiety producing, but with a professional who has your back, it can be just the opposite – reassuring (and productive). Plus, we’ll make sure your claim is paid out in full. Seeing you through from beginning to end as far as the cash payout for the project. 


How Payments Work from the Insurance Company (We’ll Help!)


Here’s how it generally works with a new roof or roofing repair insurance claim. Typically, the insurance company will release one of two or three checks. The first check or two go toward the building supplies and labor. Next, Property Pros, Inc. will then purchase all necessary supplies and complete the installation or repair of your roof, carefully detailing the additional costs. After the work is completed, we supplement any additional costs associated with the work and send a final invoice to your insurance company.


The final, usually third, check then is written to cover those costs. That process wraps up the homeowners roofing claim insurance process! If it was a little boring and dry to read this article, you can imagine how “fun” the insurance process is in real life! That’s why we offer to do it for you, taking one more step off your plate so that you can simply get back to regular life with a repaired or new roof. 


Ready to File Your Roof Repair or Replacement Insurance Claim?


Let’s start with an estimate on your roofing project and see what it will take to get you back to tip top shape on your home. Next, we can look over your homeowners policy. Above all, we’ll make sure that you have your ducks in a row when it comes to filing and negotiating the claim. The rest? Just leave it to us! We’re standing by to help you with this (sometimes) arduous process so that you can be safe and sound again with a quality roof over your head.


Ready to begin? Simply click here to start and we’ll be with you right away.


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