Commercial Roofing: Everything You Need to Know

Commercial roofing is entirely different from residential roofing. A commercial roofing company needs to be aware of these vast differences and be sure that their commercial roofing clients know about them as well. What is there to know? A lot. Property Pros, Inc. are commercial roofing contractors in Denver Co that know how to properly choose and install a commercial roof based on the size, material, and business durability needs.


Commercial Roofing is Different from Residential Roofing


One of the main differences in commercial roofing are the types of materials available. With residential roofing, typically homes are equipped with asphalt roofs, whereas commercial roofing contractors can choose a wide variety of materials, depending on the type of building. These can range from sprayed polyurethane foam, restoration coatings, single-ply (TPO, PVC, EPDM), modified bitumen, concrete, built-up, tar and gravel, and many others.


Having a commercial roofing contractor help you decide which roofing material to use is paramount to the longevity of your business’ roof. Denver commercial roofing contractors know how to diagnoses and suggest the best type of roof for your commercial project.


Commercial Roofing Systems


Another difference between commercial roofing and residential roofing is the amount of time that it takes to complete roof installation. For commercial roofing, installation time can take up to a month or longer for larger projects, whereas residential roofing projects can often be completed within a few days. This is due to the complexity of commercial roofing, the typically larger size, in addition to the materials used and the need for adhesives to dry or supplies to be procured.


Your Denver commercial roofing contractors will do their best to estimate the amount of time needed to install your commercial roofing system, so that as a project manager or commercial business owner, you can get an accurate timeline for your project. Commercial roofing involves careful planning and Property Pros, Inc. are prepared for the intricacies of your project from our extensive experience in commercial roofing systems.


Commercial Roofing Contractors


Property Pros, Inc. is a Denver commercial roofing contractor with the experience, professionalism, and know-how to complete your commercial roofing project with integrity and quality. Our reviews speak for themselves! We’ve worked on million-dollar projects and smaller ones with the same approach: do the job right and always give 110%.

Ready to finally tackle your commercial roofing project? Give the pros a call at Property Pros, Inc. or click here to schedule a no-hassle estimate for your roofing project. We’re standing by and ready to make you our number one priority. Read real reviews here!


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